Haas Cabinets

Haas Cabinets are manufactured in Indiana, using innovative, state-of-the-art woodworking and finishing equipment.  For more than 65 years Haas Cabinet remains a family owned company, taking pride that their product bears their family name.  The cabinets are sold only through dealers and are delivered factory direct to the dealer, via Haas own fleet.  All of this is to add quality assurance as well as credibility to the Haas family name. 

Haas CabinetHaas offers two different door mounting styles on their cabinets. The doors on most Haas cabinet styles are mounted in the traditional manner, where the door is mounted on the outside of the cabinet face frame. The doors on the Craftsman series are inset and the door surface is flush with the cabinet face frame (like a room door). All of the Haas cabinet styles have unique characteristics and each has many cabinet designs and finishes available, as well as specific modifications and options to meet the needs of our customers.

Custom Cabinets

When clients have special needs we make custom cabinets to exactly fit their application using the wood and finish you desire.



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